CBD Pillow Mist 30%


What we love

Europe's very first CBD pillow mist contains high quality CBD blended with lavender, roman chamomile and vetiver that were specifically chosen to enhance the perfect nights sleep. Each ingredient works together to help alleviate anxious feelings, promote calmness and help you relax. 

Type: Topical
Dose: 30% CBD


How to use

Spray 2 to 3 times on your pillow before bed can help promote sleep. 

Product details

1ml / 300mg CBD 

A team of world-leading scientists works together to combine the best global research with extensive testing to create a standard you can trust. This mist contains vegan-friendly CBD extracted from organically grown-hemp plants that are regarded as the cleanest on the market.

Following a 2 week trial of the mist, 81% of customers reported improved sleep quality and 74% reported improved concentration during the day. 


Organic Cannabidiol, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Vetiver



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