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CBD Vape Pen


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Our go-to to keep stress levels in check. This self-contained, easy to use pen contains the purest hemp extracts available. Each type is enriched with cold-pressed, highly refined essential oils to give you a pure and amazing flavour. 

Type: Vape 
Dose: 1-2 mg of CBD per 3-second puff (250 mg total)


How to use 

This product is self-contained and auto-draw. Simply put the top in your mouth, breath in for about 3 seconds and then exhale. This is a non-refillable vape pen (so no mess or spillage) and it can be enjoyed immediately out of the box. 


Product details

250 mg of Full CBD Isolate

Each pen contains about 150 drags inside, if used 5 times every day the pen will last for approximately 30 days. 

Ceramic core technology to evenly distribute heat to the oil.

Each pen is formulated with essential oils to provide tailored effects:

-Peppermint: Clarity 

-Grapefruit: Energizing 

-Lavender: Relaxing

-Lemon: Revitalizing 



Hemp-derived CBD extract, natural essences, and fractionated coconut oil (MCT).




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